Half Of Americans Credit Gaming For Their Success

It’s honestly surprising that we haven’t heard anyone give a shoutout to “Call Of Duty” during an award speech yet. According to a new survey, people say video games have been a huge part of their lives. In fact, half of the study credited video games for many of their successes in life.

A whopping 47% of the study said gaming prepared them for success. And in further evidence that their parents were wrong about video games doing nothing for them...60% said they have a keener creative eye because of gaming and just about the same amount said they’re improved their hand-eye coordination.

And to all the parents worried that their kids spent more time on Xbox than they did on homework during the lockdown, here’s something that might ease your mind. Just under half the study said they learned more life skills through video games than in school.Is that a good sign for video games or a bad sign for teachers?

Source:Study Finds

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