Women Reveal The Small Gestures They Wish Guys Did More

While some women may expect men to show their appreciation and love in grand ways, most ladies would be happy with just a small gesture from their fella to show how much they care. So, what small gestures are we talking about?

Well, a recent Reddit thread posed the question, “Girls of Reddit, what are some seemingly small gestures you wish guys did more often?,” and gals were more than happy to share.

Small gestures include:

  • "Putting their phone away during quality time. It shows they're focusing on you and the conversation/activity, and I think it's the ultimate sign of effort."
  • "I love random little gifts to know you are thinking about me. Nothing big: a favorite candy bar, some flowers from the garden. They can go a long way."
  • "Just a hug. It's so magical sometimes."
  • "Sometimes, I need guys to just be listeners and not fixers. When I have a problem, my husband always wants to go into fix it mode, but sometimes the fix is just sitting quietly and holding me or letting me cry it out."
  • "If you’re complimenting a woman, instead of complimenting her looks (anything physical) give her a small compliment about a part of her personality. Goes farther than you would think."
  • "Head scratches when I'm laying down or sitting on the couch."
  • "I think all guys should know the power of the wink. Winking is so attractive if it's smooth enough."
  • "Kissing my hand. So underrated. Gives me jelly legs."


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