These Are The Sounds We've Been Missing The Most

There’s no doubt folks missed a lot of things over the past year due to lockdowns, and apparently that includes a variety of sounds, although some sounds were more missed than others. 

  • According to a new poll, the sounds folks missed the most during the pandemic usually revolved around fun activities.
  • The sound people missed the most was live music at a concert (65%), followed by:
    • Splashing and laughter around a swimming pool (60%)
    • Cutlery and dinner noises at a restaurant (58%)
    • Theatre applause (56%)
    • Bar/pub noises (53%)
  • Interestingly, when it comes to live music, the U.S. is the only nation polled that didn’t rank it as the most missed sound.
  • In the U.S. the most missed sound was the sound of splashing and laughter at a swimming pool (74%
  • And despite missing live music, respondents say they found themselves listening to more music than ever during the pandemic.
  • The U.S. was the nation listening to music the most (59%), followed by Italy and Spain (58%). 
  • But not all sounds were missed, particularly when it comes to working out.
  • In fact, only 31% of people admit to missing the sounds at the gym.

And some people are seemingly happier with fewer sounds.

  • 33% of people say thy will now prefer to visit quieter places, while 24% will prefer noisy ones.
  • Of those who prefer the quiet, 55% have come to love their own space, and 43% simply got used to the current situation.
  • For those who miss the noise, 73% say it’s because they want to go back to the 'normal' hustle and bustle. 

Source:Yahoo Finance

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