Woman Credits iPhone Feature For Saving Life During Attack

A college student in Texas was attacked while walking her dog, but she believes a phone safety feature saved her life that day. Jenna Zieber was walking in a Pearland neighborhood when a man came up behind her, put his hand over her mouth and pushed her to the ground. She says she was screaming and he was telling her things like, “I’m just trying to help you. They’re coming after you.”

But this guy wasn’t helping her, he was attacking her. Luckily, Zieber thought fast and remembered how to use the “SOS” function on her iPhone, which calls 911 when you press the lock and volume button at the same time and hold it for two seconds, she explains. That was enough to scare her attacker and he took off after that.

Zieber was able to reach police, and they’re investigating the incident, but haven’t made any arrests so far. After her experience, she plans to only go out during the day and to bring someone else with her, but she’s got someone in her corner cheering her on for the way she handled the attack. “I am so proud of her," says Zieber's mom, Traci. “So proud of her for having the wit and wherewithal to get 911 on the phone.”

Source:ABC 13

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