Afternoon Habits That Can Make the Rest of Your Day Much Better

Sick of wasting your money on energy drinks or coffee to keep yourself going after lunch? Here are some much cheaper and creative ways to energize your afternoon that don’t require a barista at all.

  • Read A Chapter In A Fiction Book. According to Dr. Dave Spiegel from the Center on Stress and Health “disconnecting, focusing on something else, and then re-engaging can pry you out of that state of being stuck.” So if you squeeze in a few minutes of reading, or even some Netflix, you could start your afternoon with a clear mind. Just don’t let yourself ‘disconnect’ for too long or you might not be able to reconnect.
  • Make An Elaborate And Visually Appealing Snack. Beat the slump and get some great Instagram content by making yourself some fancy snacks. Kelly O. has been making herself a charcuterie board around 3 PM at work and says it not only gives her an energy boost from the food but has made her whole day better because it’s given her something to look forward to.
  • Take A Virtual Workout Class. Dr. Spiegel says that just “a few minutes of exercise makes a big difference [in relieving stress].” And since you’ve been wanting to work out more anyways, start building a ten-minute workout into your day. That could mean sneaking off to take a YouTube dance lesson or simply taking a quick walk. It’s up to you to find something you enjoy that raises your heart rate and keeps your work clothes from getting too sweaty.

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