Parents Feel Judged How Many Times A Day

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you mommy shaming is real, and that’s especially true for new moms, who are cracking under the pressure of constant judgment.

A new survey commissioned by C&G baby club finds:

  • The typical parent says they get some sort of negative comment about their parenting four times a day.
  • That’s over 43 million negative comments nationally.
  • That number is double for same-sex parents, who say they are on the receiving end of eight judgments a day.
  • So, what kind of negative comments are they dealing with?
    • Well, 52% say they are the subject of negative comments behind their back.
    • 41% are on the receiving end of stolen stares.
    • 40% are on the receiving end of whispers about their parenting.
  • 68% say they feel judged about what they buy for their children, while 64% feel judged about who they are as a person.
  • And as you can imagine, all these negative comments do not make parents feel good. The top feelings they have from them include:
    • Sadness (35%)
    • Less Confident (35%)
    • Anxious (31%)
    • Self-conscious (30%)
    • Angry (28%)
    • Lonely (27%)
    • Failure (27%)
    • Unsociable (26%)
    • Doubtful (25%)
    • Embarrassed (25%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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