Kids Who Play Fortnite Have Better Prosocial Skills

For as long as kids have been playing video games, their parents have been worried about their effects. And when the games they’re playing are more violent, there’s even more cause for concern from moms and dads. The video game Fortnite, where players fight it out to be the sole survivor or surviving team on an island, is popular with kids, but according to new research, the benefits of playing could outweigh the game’s more violent aspects.

A newstudyof 845 elementary school students finds that after playing Fortnite, kids may show more prosocial behavior. The children either played pinball or Fortnite and were asked about their enjoyment in the game as well as how much of their prize money they’d give to charity and if they would be willing to help researchers in the future. And researchers found:

  • The kids who played Fortnite were found to give and offer more money for a donation than those who played pinball.
  • Children playing Fortnite were also more likely to help researchers with further studies.

Study authors suggest this could be because the kids enjoy playing Fortnite more, so they were feeling more positive emotions. Even though it’s considered a “violent game,” it made players feel good playing it, which made them more generous and willing to help. So along with backing up previous research that found playing violent video games doesn’t lead to violent behaviors, this study also shows playing Fortnite could also have positive effects for kids.

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