Dating App Employee Warns Other Women Of Profile Red Flags

When you meet someone on a dating app, how do you know they really are all the things they say they are? That match on Tinder, Hinge or Bumble may seem too good to be true online, and now one woman with insider knowledge is trying to help other women know how to figure out if their matches are the real deal.

TikTok user @sydneyplus, who claims to work at a dating app, posted a “public service announcement” to warn single women about what to watch out for in dating app profiles. Hervideo, “How to detect dating app red flags, by someone who actually works at a dating app,”lists these things to watch out for:

  • “If he’s standing in front of a nice car, eight times out of 10 it’s not his.”
  • If the man claims to be an “’entrepreneur’, ‘writer’ or ‘musician’ you should take that to mean you’re going to be splitting the bill at dinner.”
  • Any man who claims, “mom is my world’ he’ll either ghost you or propose within a month, there’s no in-between.”
  • “And if he’s looking for ‘smth casual’, it’s not worth the tears sis.”

At the end of her video, she asks viewers “any red flags I missed?” and commenters chimed in with a few suggestions of their own. “When the bio says ‘I’m looking for a woman with a sense of humor,’ he probably means I’m going to tell you misogynistic jokes and expect you to laugh,” one shares. And another offers, “Not here for hookups 100% means he’s here for hookups.”

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