Few of Us Used Our PTO Last Year; Ready To Travel In 2021

Few people were able to go anywhere in 2020, so it’s not surprising to hear that most people used few if any of their paid time off. But now that things are opening up again, that won’t be the case in 2021.

A new Priceline survey finds:

  • Only 21% of Americans used all of their PTO last year, a decrease of 9% from 2019.
  • 30% of people didn’t use their days off because they had hoped to use them later in the year.
  • 28% were planning to carry over their unused days.
  • Of those who didn’t use their days, 54% regret not taking them, an increase from 21% who felt similar regret in 2019.
  • Overall, 71% of Americans didn’t travel at all or less than they normally would in 2020.
  • 69% say it’s because their travel plans were canceled.
  • 41% say it’s because they had nowhere to go. 

But now that things seem to be going back to “normal,” Americans are ready to take time off once again.

  • 65% of folks plan on using more PTO this year than any other year.
  • 56% of Americans plan on rescheduling their canceled trips from 2020.
  • 92% of people say they are planning to travel this year, with 78% excited to do so.
  • 52% plan to take a trip as soon as this summer, with 26% planning fall trips. 

Of those who are traveling

  • 38% say visiting family and friends is a priority.
  • 61% want to take a vacation based on a personal passion.
  • 62% with a fixed amount of PTO will take a trip somewhere they’ve never been.
  • 53% are prioritizing bucket list destinations.


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