Music Fans Are Ready To Return To Concerts

After not being able to see live music over the past year due to the pandemic, Americans are more eager than ever to go to a concert, not just to enjoy their favorite tunes, but to support their favorite musicians who have been out of work. 

A new Lending Tree survey finds:

  • 25% of Americans say they plan to go to a concert or music festival this summer, with that number increasing to 36% among Millennials and 32% among Gen Z.
  • Another 12% plan to go during the fall.
  • 40% of concertgoers plan to go out of state to see at least one music event, with 10% taking a plane to get there.
  • 60% of music fans say they plan to spend more on concerts in order to support their favorite artists.
  • 47% plan to spend more to get better seats.
  • Other ways folks plan to spend their money at concerts include:
    • Food (55%)
    • New outfit (33%)
    • Hotel/Airbnb (28%)
    • Merchandise (27%)
    • VIP passes (20%)
    • Drugs or alcohol (17%)
    • Uber/lyft (15%)
    • Plane tickets (15%)
  • As for how much concertgoers plan to spend this year
  • 44% are planning to spend between $100 and $499.
  • 20% plan to spend less than $100.
  • 3% actually plan to spend $5,000 or more. 


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