Mom Buys & Wraps All Christmas Gifts...For the Next Three Years!!!

When it comes to buying Christmas presents, there are two types of people: those who tend to wait until the last minute to shop...and those who have it all done before the tree is even decorated. And then? There’s this mom in Australia, who has taken shopping early to the extreme. She’s already bought all the presents she’ll be giving for the next three years. And they’re all already wrapped, too!

The mother proudly showed off her achievement on Facebook, with a photo showing the stash of presents and the caption, “2021, 2022 and 2023 Christmas gifts, all in individual gift bags with the person’s name and the year written on the gift tag.” She posted pics of her extremely organized closets and cabinets full of the gifts all neatly packed away until those holidays arrive.

And many followers have been impressed by her skills and efficiency, with some pointing out that buying early means she can snap up great deals when she sees them. Others admit the idea wouldn’t work for them because they’d give in and give their kids the presents earlier than planned. But a lot of people question whether this would work with kids because they change their interests so quickly. As one mom notes, “What my four-year-old liked last December is already so far removed from what she plays with now I can’t imagine how I would make this work.”


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