Things That Customers Do That Drive Servers Crazy

It’s no secret that working in restaurants can be a thankless job due to unreasonable customers. So, what bothers these workers the most?

Well, Buzzfeed asked servers in their community to share the things customers do that anger them the most, and plenty were more than happy to chime in. 

Bad behavior includes:

  • Using the “I know the owner card”- "One time, a customer was throwing a fit because I wouldn’t give her stuff for free, and she threw the 'I know the owner' at me. I smiled at her and said, 'Yes, I know him too, as he’s my boss. I know he wouldn’t be okay with me giving away free product.'"
  • Not picking up their to-go order on time- "People come 40 minutes late or after closing time to pick up their food when people just want to go home."
  • Applauding a broken dish– “Clapping when glasses break seems like such a d*ck move."
  • Stealing a server’s pen- "Not tipping is a jerk move. Stealing my pens when I have five to six tables all splitting checks? Just heartless."
  • Yelling at a cashier for kitchen’s mistake- "I understand bringing it back if your food is missing something, and I have no problem getting it corrected for you, but if you start throwing shade at me for no reason, then I will be annoyed."
  • Ordering food to-go and then sitting down and eating it to avoid tipping– “They would leave a huge mess of their to-go boxes and expect us to wait on them too."
  • Camping out at tables after closing- "I still have to clean up after you leave, so you staying until midnight when we close at 9:30 affects me (and others) more than you may realize."
  • Tipping with praise only- "I always say that the folks who tell you how great you are but barely tip you are giving you a 'verbal tip' to make up the difference."
  • Letting children run wild- "Teach them to behave at a restaurant, or keep them at home."


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