Most Pet Owners Admit They Take Better Care Of Their Pets Than Themselves

Here’s your new self-care mantra. Treat yourself like you treat your pet. If Americans all did that there is no telling how much better things would be because a new survey has found seven in 10 Americans admit they do a better job of caring for their pets than they do themselves.

But before you feel bad for self-described ‘fur mommas’ and ‘dog daddies’ out there, it’s not like they aren’t getting anything out of the relationship. The majority of pet parents said taking care of their pets encourages them to do better for themselves. A whopping 83% also said their critters have helped them through a difficult time. For example, the entirety of 2020.

Pet owners also said their pets also help reduce their stress, exercise more, and just less than half said they’re more cautious about what they eat because of the pet. And once you mistake a dog cookie for a real one.. you will too. And when pet owners say their four-legged friend is actually “family,” they mean it. The study found two-thirds admitted to being closer to their pet than their immediate family members. Woof!

Source:Study Finds

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