What We're Really Looking For On Dating Apps

Many single people are ready to get back out there again, and of course some are hitting the dating apps to find potential matches.

A new YouGov poll finds:

  • 9% of Americans are currently using dating apps, and 28% have done so in the past.
  • Those currently using dating apps go up to 17% for Millennials.
  • 32% of folks who say they are single and looking for a partner are using dating apps. 
  • Not surprising, the most common reason to be on a dating app is to look for an exclusive romantic partner (54%), but that is far from the only reason.
  • Other reasons include:
    • To have something fun/interesting to do (34%)
    • To have casual sex (26%)
    • To make platonic/non-romantic connections (25%)
    • To see what the app is like (23%)
    • To find a non-exclusive romantic partner (20%)
    • To boost my self-esteem (18%)
    • To find someone for a friend (18%)

But not all motives are pure.

  • The poll finds 6% actually admit they are on dating apps to cheat on their partner.
  • That number goes up to 9% for men, as compared to 3% of women.


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