Questions You Need To Ask Before You Get Back Together With An Ex

You might be thinking‘ if Ben and Jen can do it, why can’t I? ’But getting back with an ex isn’t something you should do lightly. Here are some questions you should really ask yourself before diving into your ex’s DMs.

  • Why Did You Break Up? Is it possible that you’re looking back on things with a nice pair of rose-tinted glasses? Don’t just think about the good times. Think of the bad times too. What were the problems that led to the split and what was your mental health like back then?
  • What Was Going On For Each Of You In The Months Before The Breakup? Love coach Persia Lawson recommends thinking about what other factors were at play before the breakup beyond the actual relationship. Was there an underlying issue you had going on personally at the time? If it’s something you haven’t addressed since you might want to do that before rekindling that old flame.
  • Have You Had Enough Time Apart? Have the wounds from your first try had enough time to heal? Have you both grown as people? Relationship expert Neil Wilkie says “you need to have had time to enjoy life outside of the old bubble, to have shed any tears and regrets, and to have embraced new possibilities.”
  • Will You Be Okay If This Doesn’t Work Out? After you’ve taken a walk down memory lane, think about the future. More specifically, if you think that another breakup with the same boo would destroy you mentally, it’s not the right time to get back together.

Not to say the odds are stacked against you but… Persia has been a love coach for “hundreds of women over the last eight years” and has yet to “see two ex-partners reunite – and stay reunited.” So yeah, good luck!


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