Tips to Send (And Receive) Better Texts

Until texting is built into the English curriculum in schools, we’re all left to just figure it out and some people really haven’t. And that’s despite the average person sending or receiving approximately 42 messages per day. So since ‘practice hasn’t made perfect,’ here are some expert tips on how to text like a champ.

  • Be Yourself. First, you need to stop being so hard on yourself when you send out a text that you regret almost instantaneously. Psychologist Leora Trub advises her clients to spend less time worrying if what they’re doing is “right” or “wrong” and more time having fun communicating. Just be yourself and you’ll be okay.
  • “Mindful Texting.” If you want to avoid feeling anxious after firing off a text, Trub recommends trying to write with your textee’s needs and wants in mind. Less ‘what do I want to say,’ and more ‘what do they want to hear?’ Trub says “being mindful when sending texts, texts are less like texts and more like conversations.”
  • Stick to Lighter Topics. Psychologist Heather Silvestri says “texting is good for lighter topics and to provide logistical information.” If your text falls into the heavy side of topics, it’s best to save the chat for in-person or through a call. Texting leaves too much room for misinterpretation, and honestly, do you really think anyone is going to read the novel you’re messaging them?

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