People Share Their Unpopular Opinions On Dating

Everyone has their own opinion about what’s right and wrong when it comes to dating, and while many people may agree on some things, some have some very unique thoughts.

Well, BuzzFeed asked their community to share their unpopular dating opinions, and folks were more than happy to chime in. Some of them are quite controversial, but others are a bit understandable.

Unpopular dating opinions include:

  • "Unless it's a special occasion or somebody's birthday, the cost of dates should always be split evenly — regardless of who asked who out."
  • "I want to be exclusive very early on in the relationship (after one to two dates). "I hate the idea of the person I’m seeing kissing, sleeping with, or flirting with other people."
  • "Hookups and casual dating are a waste of time, energy, and mental capacity. Someone always catches feelings, and it never ends well.”
  • "You should ask if they want kids by the third date. If your answers don’t match up, quit now before someone gets emotionally invested."
  • "It's perfectly valid to end it with someone if your needs aren't being met physically. It’s not wrong to want or expect sex from your partner, as long as that’s something you both value. There’s nothing inherently wrong with valuing sex."
  • "Online dating kind of ruined the idea of getting to know someone as friends first when it comes to dating. We need to bring back that idea. Men so quickly want to go right to sex. I’d rather spend time getting to know who a person is before making things romantic."
  • "People seem to think that being in a relationship means you have to be codependent, but I think that's the death of many relationships. I think it’s imperative to be individuals in a relationship. Spend time apart, have your own interests, and have your own friends."
  • "Cheating doesn't necessarily make a person a cheater. It's easier to deal with these things more maturely and constructively if you realize that people aren't defined by one action." 


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