Most of Us Won’t Date Unsafe Drivers

If you want to have yourself an amazing hot vax summer, stop worrying about your body and start working on your driving skills. Or at least commit to Ubering for the next few months. A new survey has found more than half of Americans say they refuse to date an unsafe driver.

  • It appears seatbelts are not only sexy, but they are also a requirement for a long-term relationship. Nearly a fifth of the survey also copped to ending things with a partner due to their driving habits.
  • And this bad driver bias doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships. A hardy 71% say they’ve refused to be driven by a friend or family member who displayed poor auto habits. So if you’re tired of driving your friends… now you know what you have to do to get out of it.
  • And to really drive the point home, pun intended, how you handle a car says a lot about you. At least that’s what 78% of the study says. And this includes not only how you navigate through traffic but what your car looks like.

For example, if the inside of your car is a hot mess, your Tinder match is going to think the same about you. On the other hand, if you drive safe and your car looks presentable, the study found you’re more likely to be viewed as trustworthy, responsible, and reliable.

Source:Study Finds

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