Can Asparagus Help With Hangovers?

Do hangovers hit a little harder these days than they used to? It happens to the best of us. It seems like one day we’re sailing through bottomless mimosas at brunch with no lingering effects and then all of a sudden, an extra glass of wine is enough to leave you bed ridden the next day. If you’ve been there, I bet you’ve Googled cures for a hangover, but one you probably didn’t find online? Asparagus.

Yes, the tasty green veggie that’s loaded with fiber and nutrients could be the hangover fix we’ve been missing. Astudyfrom the Institute of Food Technologies suggests that certain amino acids and minerals in asparagus can make hangovers less terrible. And those compounds may also protect liver cells against toxins from alcohol.

Researchers found the minerals and amino acids found in the asparagus leaves and shoots not only help alleviate the dreaded aftermath of drinking in excess, they can increase levels of enzymes that help the body metabolize alcohol. So before your next rosé all day adventure, it may be a good idea to eat some asparagus. It’s a prebiotic that helps good gut bacteria flourish by feeding it and if it helps you feel better after imbibing, too? Even better!

Source:Well and Good

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