Our Game Nights Usually End With Arguments & Fights

While game night with family or friends may sound like a good idea, it seems they can get quite contentious, causing all sorts of problems. 

A new survey by Z-man Games finds:

  • 20% of Americans say their game nights are usually ruined by competitive and unfriendly behavior.
  • The most common game night disruptions include:
    • Someone quitting because thy are losing (46%)
    • Someone accusing another of cheating (44%)
    • Two or more players getting into an argument (44%)
  • And believe it or not, 11% of people say they’ve seen a fight break out on game night. 
  • Because of such drama, 22% of banned a particular player from their game night.
  • Another 22% have banned certain games that tend to cause fights.
  • The most likely game to be banned include:
    • Monopoly (44%)
    • Uno (37%)
    • Sorry! (27%)
    • Scrabble (25%)
    • Jenga (24%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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