Most Young Adults Think Age 28 Is The Best Time To Start A Business

There’s nothing like your late 20s. You start using the funds you’d normally spend at the bar on boujee meals, you give significantly less F’s about anything and everything, and according to a new survey, you should be your own boss. The study has declared 28-years-old to be the “easiest age” to start a new business.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll have an “easier” time making a profit. According to young entrepreneurs, 61% said it’s better to start at this age because you’re better at adapting to new technology than older generations and 43% say you’re more likely to have fresh, unexplored ideas. Meanwhile, 29% said it's simply the fact that you’re “less afraid to fail” at this age that makes it the perfect time.

The survey also found the biggest reasons why Gen Z and Millenials are interested in entrepreneurship:

  1. “Becoming my own boss” (48%)
  2. Following their passion (44%).
  3. Supporting their families (37%)
  4. More flexibility (32%)
  5. Wanting a career change (31%)

Boomers should take note that “doing it for the ‘gram” and “because I’m lazy AF” did not make the list at all.

Source:Study Finds

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