Most of Us Admit To Using Cellphone While On Toilet

It’s no secret that most people don't go anywhere without their cellphones and according to a new poll, that includes the bathroom, which likely means folks’ phones are pretty gross. 

A new Vioguard survey finds:

  • 73% of Americans admit to using their phone either on the toilet or at a urinal.
  • That number goes up to 93% for those 18 to 29.
  • Despite the obvious germs that could be on their phones, one out of three say they never clean their phones.
  • Another 73% say they clean them less than once a day.
  • And when they do clean it, they likely aren’t getting rid of any germs or bacteria.
  • Less than half of those cleaning their phones use a chemical wipe, with most using a cloth, shirtsleeve or even pant leg.
  • What’s shocking is that while few people are cleaning their phones, most realize there are likely viruses and bacteria lurking on surfaces.
  • In fact, 87% of people know that airborne viruses and bacteria can remain alive after landing on surfaces.
  • And 90% know you can become infected by touching dirty surfaces. 

Source:Business Insider

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