How We Really Feel About Our Bodies

When it comes to their bodies, a lot of people have a hard time loving how they look, and it certainly sounds like some people are really tough on themselves. 

  • The YouGov Body Image study asked Americans how they feel about their bodies, and the responses were a bit startling.
  • When asked to describe themselves, 31% of people chose the word “average.”
  • Other common descriptions include:
    • Chubby (21%)
    • Overweight (20%)
    • Slim (14%)
    • Athletic (13%)
  • Not surprisingly, women seem to be a bit harder on themselves than men.
  • Women are more likely than men to describe themselves as overweight (25% vs. 15%).
  • Men are more likely than women to describe themselves as athletic (18% vs. 9%). 

And it’s pretty apparent folks are very critical of themselves when compared to other people.

  • When asked if they consider themselves more attractive than other people, 47% responded that they were “about average.”
  • Only 24% of people say they are more attractive than the average person, with 5% confident they are “much more attractive.”
  • 15% actually describe themselves as “somewhat less” attractive than the average person, while 9% say they are “much less” attractive.

And all these body issues could be causing problems in the bedroom.

  • 49% of adults say they are thinking about how their body looks during sex either a great deal, or somewhat.
  • 15% say their body confidence “constantly” impacts their sexual relationship, while 30% say it sometimes does.
  • On the bright side, 47% say they don’t think about their appearance during sex very much or at all.
  • Women are more likely than men to think about how their body looks during sex (59% vs. 38%). 


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