Almost 40% of Us Admit To Grilling Drunk, Causing Injuries

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, and more and more people vaccinated, it’s safe to say a lot more Americans will be hosting barbecues this weekend this year than they did last year. And apparently, that could be dangerous.

A new Value Penguin survey finds:

  • 71% of Americans plan to host or attend a barbecue this summer.
  • 13% of Americans who own or have access to a grill has suffered a grilling-related accident.
  • Men are 55% more likely than women to have a grilling-related accident.
  • And while booze usually goes with a barbecue, it’s likely to blame for many of these accidents.
  • 37% of people admit they’ve been drunk while barbecuing.
  • Those people are four-times as likely to have a grilling accident than those who aren’t drunk.
  • Millennials and Gen Xers are the most likely to be grilling while drunk.

And drunk-related grilling accidents aren’t the only health-related issues folks have faced from barbecues.

  • 22% of Americans say they’ve gotten food poisoning at a barbecue.
  • One reason this may happen is because folks aren’t cooking their meat correctly.
  • In fact, two in three grillers say they don’t us a meat thermometer to make sure meat is cooked correctly.
  • 40% simply cut the meat to see how it looks.
  • Unclean grills could also be to blame, with 17% of grillers only cleaning heir grills after four or more uses.


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