Kids' “Perfect” Summer Includes A Lot Of Playtime

With Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start of summer, many parents are probably starting to worry about how they’ll keep their kids entertained this summer. Well, it turns out kids have some big ideas about what will make their summer perfect.

  • A new survey conducted by The Genius of Play talked to parents of five to 14 year olds, as well as their children to find out what an ideal summer would look like.
  • If it were up to kids it would include five pool parties in the backyard and three road trips.
  • 58% also want to spend time with family.
  • 51% are also looking forward to no school.
  • Most importantly, kids also want an average of eight hours and 11 minutes of playtime each day, which translates to 56.77 hours a week, or close to 26 days during the summer.
  • And it seems parents are all for this extended playtime.
  • In fact, 90% of parents say it’s the number one thing their children need this summer, especially after the past year.

So why is playtime so important?

  • Well, according to parents, the benefits of playtime include:
    • Play can help children grow (71%)
    • Play encourages children to be active/physical (65%)
    • Play can help children learn to be more independent (65%)
    • Play is critical to helping children regain/maintain their social skills (63%)
    • Play helps get children outside (60%)
    • Play helps restore emotional balance (55%)
    • Play gives children a sense of normalcy after virtual/hybrid school (52%)
    • Play helps children learn to communicate (45%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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