Believable Excuses For When You Need To Flake On Plans

Things are opening up and the invites to events are starting to roll out. But since they require real clothes, showering, and making an might be thinking of staying home (because reasons). Since you’re probably out of practice with flaking out on plans, here are some time-tested excuses to get you out of doing things.

  • “I’m really tired.” This one is great because who hasn’t been too tired to do something. Go ahead and sprinkle in a realistic yawn to really sell it.
  • “I’m on deadline.” Using this excuse can keep your conscience clear because you don’t have to be specific and say it’s a work deadline. It could just mean you’ve got to binge-watch an entire show before someone spoils it online…but they don’t need to know that.
  • “I’ve got Zoom fatigue.” The perfect 2021 excuse. Everyone’s heard of Zoom fatigue, and they probably have it too, but they’ve never thought of pulling out that card to get out of things. You’re basically a trendsetter.
  • “I’m not up for seeing people.” This one would have worked perfectly fine in 2019 but it makes even more sense nowadays. Safety first!
  • “My friend is going through a rough time right now.” Nothing like taking the high road. They’ll think you’re an amazing person that looks out for their besties. Little do they know your “friend” is your dog and they’re always having a “ruff” time.

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