Married People Reveal Their Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

Weddings are often crazy and extravagant affairs, and once they are over a lot of couples wind up with regrets about their big day. Well, now some of those people are sharing.

A recent thread on Reddit asked folks, "What's the one thing you regret doing for your wedding day?,” and plenty of people were more than happy to chime in.

Wedding day regrets include:

  • "Not eloping. Our wedding was relatively small and inexpensive (less than $10,000, fewer than 60 guests), but we could have spent that money on a sweet beach elopement and doubled up our honeymoon to be two weeks."
  • "A reception line. I didn’t want to do it but felt pressured. All I did for three-quarters of my reception was stand and say hello to people. It was miserable and took a lot of the fun out of the day."
  • "Stuffing cake in my wife’s face. No exaggeration — I regret it to this day."
  • "Letting the photographer dictate where we should be for the entire night. Looking back, I should have told him to do all the photo poses he wanted in the first hour, then leave us alone."
  • "Letting my ex-mother-in-law dictate pretty much everything. It stopped being our wedding and became her wedding."
  • "Not wearing sunscreen. As it turns out, the rules don’t change because it’s a special day."
  • "Picking the longest song ever for a first dance."
  • "I personally wouldn't bother with the first dance — we're not dancers. It was really awkward."
  • "I would have speeches made before dinner is served. People are quicker when they're hungry and not drunk yet."
  • "Well, we could have had the wedding in fall 2019, but my wife wanted more time to make sure everything was perfect, so we decided to postpone it...until April 2020."


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