Science Says We Should Plan A Trip ASAP

A poll from a few years ago found that the typical American utters some version of “I need a vacation” about three times a week. But can you imagine how many times people are saying it these days? And now that more people are getting vaccinated and travel restrictions are easing up, we’re finally going to be able to travel farther than from the living room to the bedroom again.

If you’re ready to plan your next vacation, there’s a science-backed reason to book that trip now, even if you’re not going for a few months. All kinds of studies have shown that taking a break from work to travel is good for both mental and physical health, including benefits like lowering stress levels and improving digestion. But it turns out, scheduling that getaway sooner than later is ideal because anticipation is everything.

Astudyfrom the Netherlands finds that the vacation itself isn’t what makes people happier, looking forward to the vacation does. Researchers found people who planned a vacation but didn’t travel got the same happiness boost as those who actually took the trip. And just the anticipation of the trip lifted their spirits for up to two months. Even if you’re not booking a big excursion,another studyfinds just having something positive to look forward to helps people cope with stress. So think small and start planning drinks with friends and day trips that don’t require a passport, and then start enjoying the benefits.

Source:Eat This, Not That

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