More Petty Reasons People Wouldn’t Date Someone

As we previously told you, last month a Reddit thread had people answering the question, “What was the pettiest reason you refused to date someone?” Well, the initial post prompted plenty of other people to chime in via Buzzfeed’s comments section, and the new responses were equally petty, and in many of cases totally understandable. 

Petty reasons people refused to date someone include:

  • "I once stopped dating someone when I found out they had a twin. I don't know why I couldn’t handle the fact that someone looked exactly the same as him."
  • "I stopped seeing this dude after I saw him walking around in his tighty whities. I just couldn’t take him seriously or look at him the same way. It reminded me of old men underwear, and it just killed it for me. Sorry not sorry."
  • "I had a friend who refused to go on a date with a guy because the guy liked sushi. It didn’t matter that they wouldn’t be going to eat sushi (or a Japanese restaurant); he just couldn’t fathom going on a date with anyone who had at one point or another in their lives eaten sushi."
  • "I have an iPhone, and I can’t be with a guy who has an Android, because I can’t stand the green texts. I've been in the 'talking' stage with different people and try to give them a chance, but those green texts just get to me, and I eventually just stop talking to them."
  • "I went on a hike as a second date, and they brought a hiking backpack with its own water supply. When my date went to get a drink from the tube, a strand of saliva arched from their lips to the tube. Petty, probably so, but that was it for me."
  • "A few years ago, a guy I was seeing actually broke up with me because I used a common saying he'd never heard of, and he thought I was cheating. We were just having a normal text conversation, and he told me I make amazing salads. I said, 'Pshh, no way Jose, yours are way better!" His name was Drew and he thought the text was meant for my other lover named Jose."
  • "I was a junior in high school; he was a senior. He skipped on a date at the park. He didn’t skip the date — he literally skipped, like alternately hopped on one leg."
  • "I met a lovely girl, but I couldn’t date her because she was named Fanny." 


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