“Weird Dreams” You Have Actually Help Your Brain Understand Real Life

Did you have a lot of strange dreams in the last year? You’re not alone. But while it is always jarring to wake up for an over-the-top bonkers dream, you might just want to thank your brain for making it.

According to new research, weird dreams are our brains' way of basically preparing us for insane things to happen to us. Will you ever need to help a juggler put out a fire using only shot glasses filled with water? No. But research assistant professor of neuroscience at Tufts University Erik Hoel says your brain makes up these things to shake up your system. As he puts it "Life is boring sometimes [s] dreams are there to keep you from becoming too fitted to the model of the world.”

Basically, our brains know that things aren’t going to be like they are in the boring times forever, and they want to be prepared for when crap hits the fan. Our minds are trying to think outside the box even when we’re happy being stuck in it when we’re awake.


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