Pro Packing Tips For Your Vacation

It’s been a long year, and planning a vacation is probably tops on our to do lists now. The only problem may be, we’re stressed about the planning and the actual traveling. With being around the house a ton more, that’s no surprise.

The good news is, there are hacks to help you through and we’ve got them for packing. When you’ve got a whole family to pack up, there needs to be a plan. “Cafe Mom’s” got you covered. They threw together a handy checklist of hacks. Try these:

  • Make a packing list for each family member
  • Combine suitcases
  • Consider driving, since you have more wiggle room with what you take
  • Use packing cubes
  • Keep it simple with the toiletries
  • Roll the clothing. Seriously. It’s a space saver
  • Rent the big items
  • Bring snacks and entertainment
  • Stock the carry, on if your flying, with necessities
  • Bring extra bags
  • Do laundry there
  • Pack two swimsuits
  • Limit the toys
  • When you get there… go with the flow!

Source:Cafe Mom

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