How Guys Are Handling Their Post-Pandemic Hair

During COVID restrictions, men had a lot of time to think about their hair. It’s something they really didn’t do before, but now they aren’t taking their locks for granted. A Sport Clips/One Poll survey found that 20-percent say they actually are ready for the mullet to return. Most guys agree, though that only certain people can pull it off.

What else did men learn about hair? Here's the breakdown:

  • 39-percent of men have dabbled in adding highlights to their hair. Some frosted too!
  • 55-percent admitted they want to change up their look but are afraid to try something new
  • 47-percent don’t know what hairstyles would look good on them
  • Two-thirds of men experimented with a hair trend they were later embarrassed by
  • After their first post-pandemic haircut, relief topped the list of emotions followed by excitement
  • 75-percent skipped professional cuts during the pandemic
  • 23-percent of them let their hair grow out ala Jason Mamoa
  • One-in-three respondents say that getting a new haircut makes them feel “smarter”
  • One-in-four admit to feeling like “a better person” afterward.
  • 12-percent even said they felt inspired to ask for a raise after a haircut

Source:SWNS Digital

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