A Third Of Parents Admit Giving Kids The Chores They Don't Like

Hate doing housework? It’s definitely one of the least fun parts of adulting, which is why so many of us put it off. And according to a recentsurvey, some parents have figured out a clever way to avoid doing the tasks they despise by making their kids do them.

In a poll of just over 1-thousand Americans, Cinch Home Services asked about people’s least favorite chores and how families get kids to pitch in around the house. For one in three parents, it’s easy - they admit to assigning the jobs they don’t want to do themselves to their kids. And the number one chore parents hate doing? Cleaning the toilet. Rounding out the top five most-hated chores are:

  • Removing hair from drains
  • Cleaning the bathroom in general
  • Unclogging the kitchen sink
  • Folding the laundry.

The survey finds that lots of people just put off doing the household jobs they don’t want to do, something that just over half of respondents (52.7%) feel guilty about. And then there are those who are a little sneakier when it comes to avoiding housework. About a third (31%) of married men surveyed admit to doing a chore badly to get out of doing it again.


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