Kids Sleep Better When They're With Their Pets

We’ve all felt the benefits of having a pet, but there’s a big one parents need to know about. If your children have a difficult time sleeping, let their pet curl up in the bed. It turns out kids get better quality of sleep that way.

Researchers at Concordia University in Montreal took a look at the sleep habits of children and discovered that if they regularly slept with a cat, dog, or bunny, the difference in sleep was noticeably better.

The key, according to the study is the pets curling up in bed seem to ease the fears of the children. If you’re wonder if adults can get in on that action, the answer is no. The sleep quality didn’t change.

But… everyone who co-sleeps with pets finds it calming and stress reducing. Researcher note that if you or your child has pet allergies, this may not work for you. But you can find one that doesn’t cause allergies.

Source:Daily Mail

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