Goodwill Is Pleading For People To Stop Donating Garbage

Goodwill has seen a boon in donations since the pandemic began. Let’s face it, we’ve had the time to go through our stuff! While they appreciate you bringing the stuff in, they ask you think before you do.

Since we’ve started cleaning out our closets, we’ve been giving thrift stores less than perfect stuff. Broken furniture and broken dolls are among them. Without our bringing items in, there would be nothing to sell, but the key is to bring the stores items that you would want to buy.

When broken or usable items end up at Goodwill and other stores, it actually costs them a lot to dispose of the stuff. So while you think you’re helping, you are actually hurting the mission of thrift stores.

Goodwill doesn’t repair items or clean them up. The condition you bring them in is what goes on the sales floor. At this point, the Salvation Army is now only accepting “high quality, new and gently used items.” Goodwill may soon follow suit. Think of it this way, if you wouldn’t give it to your judgy in-law, put it in the trash pile.


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