5 Changes In Restaurants That Are Here To Stay

The past year has been a difficult one for all restaurants. The good news? We’re nearing the end of the pandemic. Unfortunately, there are some things that are probably changing for good, despite the push for vaccinations and herd immunity. Here are five things that you can count on sticking around for the time being, if not permanently:

  • Patience– There’s a staffing shortage at many restaurants and all employees are having to take extra steps with food preparation and cleanliness. That means it will probably take longer to get your food so hang in there.
  • Generous tips– Servers really need your help more than ever, so it’s a great idea to increase your tipping if you are able to. These folks have had a rough go.
  • Don’t touch the staff– Everyone should know that personal space is now the norm, so it’s a good idea to be “hands off” with the help.
  • No large parties– Most restaurants are limiting parties to 8-10 people. Be aware that you may not get seated if you try to bring a group any larger than this to your favorite place.
  • Condiments– Really? The lack thereof. Salt, pepper and ketchup bottles may never be available at your table in the future. You may have to get them by request and probably won’t get the large amounts you have been accustomed to.

Yes, getting used to the new normal kinda sucks, but if you can be flexible...it’ll be a lot easier for everyone involved.

Source:Guilty Eats

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