Confession: We Stash Treats Around The House

Let’s be honest, there are some treats we will NOT share with our families. That means stashing them in a secret place. We’re not alone, either. One Poll andStuffed Puffsdid a survey to find out our snack habits and half said they stash too.

Other tidbits uncovered by the poll show:

  • 46-percent hide their treats because they do not want to share
  • 53-percent say they live with someone who would eat all the hidden food if they found it
  • Of the people who admitted to stashing food, 69-percent say they are currently doing it
  • The average person has moved their hiding place four times, since 72-percent have had the grub discovered by someone else
  • The top places to hide the treats are behind the washing machine, inside oatmeal containers and behind books on a bookshelf
  • 67-percent snack to relieve stress

Source:SWNS Digital

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