A Survey Reveals Things We Don't Like About Ourselves

Everyone has things they like about themselves and things they’re more insecure about, even if they don’t admit it. We try to embrace the things that make us the individuals that we are, but sometimes one part of our physical appearance or a personality trait gives us hang ups. And it turns out, a lot of us have one thing in common that we dislike about ourselves more than any other.

A new survey by YouGov asked over 2-thousand (2,224) adults in the U.S. a series of questions about their self-image and personality, including what they dislike most about themselves. Some participants had a tougher time narrowing it down, 7% say they can’t pinpoint a specific undesirable characteristic and 11% say they don’t dislike anything about themselves! But the biggest complaint overall? Weight. For 51% of respondents, that’s the biggest thing they dislike about themselves.

This is how the rest of the top complaints break down:

  • Their current school or alma mater - 5%
  • The way they sometimes treat their friends - 9%
  • The way they sometimes treat strangers - 9%
  • Their personality - 9%
  • Their job - 9%
  • The way they dress - 10%
  • The first impression they give - 11%
  • The way they sometimes treat their partner - 13%
  • The way they sometimes treat their family - 14%
  • Their weight - 51%

Source:Best Life