These Are Our Best & Worst Surprises

While there are some people who love a good surprise, not everyone is a fan. But whether you are a fan of surprises may depend on whether that surprise is a good one or not, and now a new survey reveals American’s thoughts on the best and worst surprises out there. 

The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf ofAffirm, finds:

  • Unexpected money is a surprise a lot of people like, with 49% of Americans saying randomly finding money, either on the street or in their pocket is the best type of surprise out there.
  • Another financial surprise folks are fans of? Getting a tax refund (46%).
  • Some of the other best surprises include:
    • Surprise parties (48%)
    • Surprise visitors like family or friends (37%)
    • Engagements (35%)
    • Pregnancies (33%)
    • A puppy/pet (30%)
    • A snow day (28%)
    • Canceled plans (20%)
    • Pushed deadline (13%) 

But not every surprise is a good one, and the top three worst surprises also involve money.

  • The absolute worst, according to 57% of people, is getting a bill higher than you thought it would be.
  • That’s followed by having to owe money on your taxes (46%), and getting a late fee on a credit card (37%).
  • Other bad surprises include:
    • Child breaks something (31%)
    • Pet has an accident in the house (31%)
    • Unexpected visitors (I.e., the in-laws) (29%)
    • Canceled plans (27%)
    • Going on a date with someone and they don't match their profile photo (20%)
    • Last-minute video meeting (20%) 

Source:SWNS Digital