Ten Foods Most Likely To Boost Your Mood

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to ‘comfort food,’ and HelloFresh recently did a survey to find out which foods affect our moods in a positive way. Here’s a list of the top 10 in percentages that people thought would instantly improve their moods:

  • Tacos– a third of people say tacos instantly improve their mood
  • Steak– 32%, just behind tacos
  • Bacon and eggs– also checking in at 32%
  • Fried Rice– 31%
  • Waffles/Pancakes– 31% as well
  • Mac and Cheese– 27%
  • Baked potatoes– 26%
  • Cheeseburgers– 25%
  • French fries– 23%
  • Fried Chicken– 22%

Evidently, research shows that the brain plays a part in this. The more that we want a food makes our brain have the ability to produce more dopamine which leads to feelings of motivation, reward and pleasure, so when you eat your favorite food you are more likely to feel better.