How To Get The Most Out Of Longer Days And More Sunlight

The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and your chance for a fresh start is here. Here are some tips for getting the most out of these extended daytime hours.

  • Rethink Your Work Schedule. Let’s be’s a million times easier to wake up when the sun is already shining. Now that it’s rising earlier, this is your opportunity to reclaim your mornings and set your alarm time back. You could either go out and enjoy some of the sunshine before you get work started, or clock in earlier so you can get out and enjoy some sun before it sets later tonight.
  • Get In Shape. Working out outside is back on the menu. Get out there and enjoy some fresh air while you burn some calories. You haven’t been carb loading in quarantine for nothing... right?
  • Calm Your Spirit. Studies show that time spent in nature improves health dramatically. Start dedicating at least two hours of your week to getting yourself into green spaces. Your psychological well-being will thank you.
  • Reconnect At Your Comfort Level. The vaccine rollout is going well, COVID-19 testing is available, you’ve got plenty of PPE options… there’s definitely a way for you to safely get together with a small group of friends outside. Or simply move your Zoom calls outside for complete safety. Natural lighting is the best thing for a webcam after all.

Source:Fast Company