Fix Your Bad Mood With a Selfless Act

If you aren’t feeling great right now, doing something nice for someone else may be just what the doctor ordered. Anyone who celebrated “random acts of kindness” day this week can confirm it feels good to do good.

But maybe you feel like you shouldn’t take the word of people being nice in exchange for social media clout. How about science instead? One study from the University of Louisville proved it does feel amazing to do nice things and there another British study shows people get more pleasure from memories of gift-giving than from memories of buying something for themselves.

So, if you’re in a bad mood, try being kind. It doesn’t have to be big. Buy someone a coffee, send someone a compliment, laugh at someone’s terrible joke during your Zoom meeting… just try to go out of your way to make someone feel good. Worst comes to worst, you’re still in a terrible mood, but you’ve helped someone else with theirs!