The New Jobs Emerging In 2021...And Beyond

With technology advancing, businesses rising and falling, and some pesky viruses changing how we work, the 2021 hiring market is set to include some job openings that the world has never seen before. If you’re thinking about a career change, here are some of the roles experts say you can expect to see pop up in the near future.

  • Director Of Remote Work. Some companies are completely embracing their employees doing things from home and know that they need to have someone in charge of overseeing their remote workers. Hence the explosion of Director of Remote Work positions opening up and their senior-level paygrade.
  • Roles To Facilitate The New Way Of Work. City dwellers are tired of quarantining in their apartments and want some fresh air. The boom in people moving out to the ‘burbs has causedIndeedto see a 600% growth in “relocation assistant” positions from 2017 to 2020. And speaking of new locations for work, there’s also a growing shift to new spaces online. For example, Jeanne Meister fromFuture Workplacehas found “virtual reality immersion counselor” is a role that is growing in availability these days.
  • Environmental Sector Jobs. The hiring platformMonsterpredicts that we’ll soon have a renewed focus on the climate crisis and with it see a lot of openings in the environmental sector. They’re basing this off the Biden administration’s commitment to green jobs and believe you’ll be seeing job postings for environmental engineers, energy auditors, and solar sales representatives appear a lot more on job boards.

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Source:Fast Company