How to Avoid Embarrassing Yourself on Social Media

Social media is all fun and games until your tweet is trending for the wrong reason or your boss is calling you into their office to explain some “interesting” Facebook posts. It’s crazy easy to completely embarrass yourself online. Heck,as we told youeven the Pope himself -or at least whoever is in charge of his Instagram- got caught liking a thirst trap this week. Here are a couple of tips to follow to stop yourself from going full-Pope.

  • Understand which account you’re logged into. If you’re in charge of multiple accounts on social media platforms, do yourself a favor and always triple-check that you’re logged into the one you're trying to post on. And that includes every time you go to like or share something. You don’t want to be the guy that shares their selfie on their company's page by accident. You just can’t live that stuff down.
  • Set up a burner account. Is there a subsection of social media that you want to browse without your family and friends seeing everything you’re into? Consider joining the ranks of the other millions of fake accounts online. Get yourself a burner account for carefree scrolling, liking, and commenting on whatever weirdness you’re into.
  • Understand your privacy settings and know how to use them. Privacy settings are your friend. Get to know them and what they do. For example, did you know Twitter and Instagram let you set your shares to private so only people you approve can see them? Did you know Facebook lets you turn all your old posts from public to private in just a few clicks? These settings won’t prevent every embarrassing situation for you online, but they're at least a good start.

Source:Life Hacker