The Average Person Goes Nine Days Without Washing Their Mask

Hopefully, your face mask has now joined your phone, wallet, and keys in the things you double-check you have before leaving the house. And hopefully, you’re practicing good mask hygiene as well. But according to a new survey, you’re probably not.

It seems like one of the unsung benefits of masks is that you can’t smell the ones that people around you are wearing. Researchers asked people what the longest they’re gone without washing their mask and the average? That’d be NINE whole days. Meanwhile, almost 11% of the survey say they’ve gone over two weeks without washing it.

But don’t worry, it gets grosser. The survey also found nearly a quarter of people admit they’ve shared a face mask and 44.2% of people admit to wearing a disposable mask multiple times. And that’s despite expert advice not to and disposable literally being in the name. Speaking of guidelines people aren’t following, the CDC recommends that you wash your hands after touching a face mask, but over one-third of mask wearers admitted they aren’t doing that. Come on!