Nature Shows Can Cure Boredom And Sadness

Here’s some good and bad news about all the binge-watching you’ve been doing in quarantine. The good news? It could technically be healthy. The bad’ve probably been watching the wrong stuff.

If you’re in a show hole right now, you should really be considering adding something like “Planet Earth” to your queue. According to a new study, nature shows have the power to reduce feelings of boredom and sadness. It turns out that you can get the benefits of getting in touch with Mother Nature without having to leave the couch.

And if you want to supercharge the good feels you get from a digital dose of nature, you should have bought a virtual reality headset on Prime Day. The study found that participants who used a VR setup to take in nature shows felt a bigger impact on their boredom levels and also had increased positive feelings. Just imagine how much that would have come in handy in week five of lockdown.

Source:Study Finds