Lots Of Us Fear Injuring Ourselves While Exercising

Most Americans know that exercising is good for their health, but it turns out a lot are too afraid to start because they are worried about what it will do to their bodies, specifically they fear getting hurt while working out. A new survey finds:

  • 46% of Americans say they are nervous about working out because they are afraid of getting injured.
  • 60% say anxiety about injuries keeps them from trying new routines.
  • 54% are worried about being embarrassed due to incorrect form or technique.
  • 44% have actually stopped working out of fear of injuring themselves.

And it’s not completely out there to worry about injuries, with 42% of those who are physically active saying they’ve sustained injuries while working out. The most common injuries include:

  • Muscle cramps (21%)
  • Muscle spasms (17%)
  • Sprained ankle (14%)
  • Torn muscle (11%)
  • Tendinitis (10%)
  • Sprained wrist (10%)
  • Shin splints (9%)

But fear of injury isn’t the only thing keeping folks from exercising. The most common things that keep people from being physically active include:

  • Don’t have the time to exercise frequently (26%)
  • Don’t know what exercises are best for them and their lifestyle (22%)
  • Feel overwhelmed by the amount of exercise routines they can do (20%)

Source:SWNS Digital