Global Hand-Washing Day Survey Finds We're Washing Hands More Than Ever

Today is Global Hand-Washing Day, and properly washing your hands has certainly become more important than ever to stop the spread of the coronavirus, colds, the flu and more. And according to a new poll it seems people may finally be getting the message. The survey, conducted by Bradley Corporation, finds:

  • 90% of Americans say they are washing their hands either more frequently, more thoroughly or longer than they were before.
  • 78% say they wash their hands six or more times a day, compared to just 37% pre-coronavirus.
  • 77% say they are now washing their hands the recommended 20 seconds or longer, up from 57% who did so for just five to 15 seconds pre-pandemic. 

And it’s not just adults…

  • 94% of high school students say washing their hands is important to protect themselves from the coronavirus.
  • 55% are washing their hands six or more times a day, up from 25% who were doing so prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

And on an even more positive note

  • 88% of adults and 73% of high schoolers say they plan to maintain their increased hand-washing once the pandemic is over. 
  • ONE MORE THING! These days the less surfaces you touch, the safer you are from the coronavirus. So, with that in mind, the poll asked folks how important touchless restroom fixtures are to them.
    • 65% say they are extremely important.
    • 26% say they are somewhat important.
    • 7% are neutral on the subject.
    • 2% don’t think they are important at all. 

Source:Business Insider