Another Day, Another Gender Reveal Party Gone Terribly Wrong

There’s been a lot of talk about gender reveal parties lately, mostly because one that was held in San Bernardino County, California, ended up sparking a wildfire that burned thousands of acres. It started because of a “smoke-generating pyrotechnic device” used at the party, but this is just one of many malfunctions that have happened at gender reveals to make headlines. Another one that’s in the news right now didn’t cause destruction to the environment, just to the dad involved.

Tom Cressotti and his pregnant wife, Kristin, were excited to make their big announcement at their recent gender reveal party, but things didn’t go as planned. The Massachusetts couple stood outside their home holding canon cartridges that would produce blue smoke for a boy or pink for a girl, but the dad didn’t realize he was holding his wrong until it was too late. Instead of shooting the colored powder into the air, he shot it directly into his crotch, so his family jewels got the brunt of the blast that was supposed to shoot 30-feet away.

Avideoof the party fail shows Cressotti on the ground, writhing in pain afterwards, covered in blue powder. When asked about his reaction after the initial jolt hit him, he says he thought, “Well, this is off to a great start.” While his misfire wasn’t as devastating to the rest of us as the one that caused the wildfire, no one wants to go through that kind of agony.