Half of Us Struggled To Keep Spark Alive While Isolating

Being stuck in the house for months with your spouse or significant other wasn’t easy for a lot of people, and now that places are opening up, many are hoping to find ways to rekindle their romance. A new survey finds:

  • Almost half of Americans say they found it difficult to keep the spark alive with their partner during lockdown.
  • On the flipside, 67% say the quarantine brought them closer to their S.O.
  • For those struggling with their spark, many have tried was to rekindle it.
    • 42% say they planned “in home” date nights.
    • Another 40% actually tried exercising together.
    • And 38% say they tried to reignite that spark by planning a trip together.
  • When it comes to trips, the average couple planned three trips together when they were stuck in the house.
  • And it’s no wonder, since the average couple hasn’t taken a trip together in seven months.
  • What's worse, those with children haven’t had a getaway in 11 months.
  • 60% of folks say they were forced to cancel trips because of COVID-19.
  • COVID travel restrictions has left 61% of people feeling even more “trapped at home.”
  • Three-quarters of those polled say they are looking forward to taking a trip as soon as it’s safe.
  • What’s more, 30% think about traveling with their partner several times a week, while 40% think about it a few times each month. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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